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We are proud to bring you back our services and at last, we got there! We have had so many bumps along the way but finally, we have found what you guys are all looking for bundled into one place

 We are going to be bringing you a vast array of secure services covering everything from the setup of your wallets on your home computers to building your very own “Crypto Empire” – We have coins to give away and trade, we accept nearly every type of major altcoin and will show you and provide you with the ability to own your very own TOTALLY FREE VPS network provided and hosted by us that will hold and support the Masternodes you can also own for free with

Masternodes Setup For Sale!

Grab Free Bitcoin Latest News We are proud to announce that we have built our Masternode Network. On the fly MN Building and Rental Direct Payments Own the collateral or just rent the entire package Newest coins available! We have ‘Seats’ available on our DASH Masternode Earn a FREE VPS unit Store pages being built right now (Future Feature) Direct Exchange to BTC Masternodes Available NOW! Click Here

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Make Money

Make your fortune with Grab Free Bitcoin!

If your totally new to cryptocurrency then you can get started for FREE, Use our coin faucets and free crypto earning links to earn your very own Free Fully Hosted Masternode, then you have a DAILY income, you can use our exchange or even get paid directly into fiat cash directly to your bank.

We offer every stage of the crypto 'minting' , 'mining' & earning process, we will help you every step of the way to gain a great daily passive income that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Spend Money

Grab Free Bitcoin has a selection of masternodes you can rent and VPS systems with dedicated IP addresses to host your own masternode network

We cater to every budget and need, if you want to just make a little extra cash on the side then our fully hosted free masternode system is the one for you, or if your serious about making this your daily bread and butter, we have some of the best priced VPS units to seat your masternodes on and you have FULL Control over your VPS, your Drive Space and we even show you how to make that little VPS unit earn from the VERY SECOND it's turned on (No Masternode needed!)

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Bank & Trade Money

Grab Free Bitcoin proudly brings you the secure trading platform to swap your free coins into whatever currency you desire or even hold your Fiat with Grab Free Bitcoin to instantly buy Bitcoin at a price that suits you!

We are currently building our full coin list but we currently support 28 coins and tokens