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Grab Free Bitcoin was started to do just that “Grab Free Bitcoins”
With this remit in mind, we have tested to death the products we provide before bringing them to you so we know 100% that profit can be made

Make Extra income from work

Need more from your wages?
We have ways to gain extra from your place of employment with NO CATCHES!

payment direct to banks

Grab Free Bitcoin can process & pay all your earnings in GBP & USD if you prefer (Currently Paying USA & UK Payments in under 7 mins

automated payments

Once you buy a Masternode, the profits are paid directly to you, either to your Grab Free Bitcoin Wallets or to any address of your choosing

Never offline

Our webspace is kept in a totaly seperate location to our wallets and our servers, your nodes never go down - If they do, Grab Free Bitcoin covers the downtime

Welcome Young Coin Hopper...

Click on the service you wish to earn money from and we will take you there

Most of your questions and answers are in our mini “Grab Free Income” FAQ at the bottom of this page

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Secret Income

Extra Income from your employers


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Choose the perfect system

Grab Free Bitcoin has a large bank of shiny new servers to supply only the best tech to our customers

Choose your VPS package to host your nodes


6 month term

  • Procssor: Intel Xeon®
  • CPU: 2 vCores
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 120 GB SSD
  • Traffic: Unlimited
  • Bandwith: 400 Mbit/s


One Time

  • Procssor: Intel® Xeon®
  • CPU: 4 vCores
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: 500 GB SSD
  • Traffic: Unlimited
  • Bandwith: 1600 Mbit/s



  • Linux & Win Nodes
  • Single Node Types
  • 9 Nodes Per Unit
  • Lifetime Support
  • Instant Setup
  • Pay as You Go

Frequently asked questions

The only catch is you have to be at least a free member of Grab Free Bitcoin. Most of our services are paid directly to our wallets, this is mainly to keep the funds safe and away from public internet connections, but you  can always withdraw anytime and its totally automatic, just like normal (just takes 1 block longer to process)

Not at all, in fact we would always try to help you run your first node from your home computer, we do however try to provide the cheapest solutions to gain you the max profits available from every coin

Grab Free Bitcoin does not develop coins (yet…)

But we do show you how to use the coins that are already available on the market and try to show you the ones that are not worth it and the ones we made money on

Of course it is!

We would not break the law or encourage you to do so
Grab Free Bitcoin does not provide the secret income service to people that work for company’s that have expressly asked us not to deploy services for you on their systems

No Problem! Just head on over to our Grab Free Info section and view the full FAQ’s and GUIDES , if you cant find what your looking for, you can always contact us and we will be happy to help you directly

Grab Free Bitcoin develops and supplies multi crypto earning solutions for everyone. Contact Us

Our clients say

"Grab Free Bitcoin has provided our tech department options and services that give us an efficient way of providing extra wages boosting morale and driving a healthy competitive workforce - Thank You "
Hilary Leigh
H.R. & Admin
"We build websites for clients - Grab Free Bitcoin gave us the perfect way to monetize our client's assets providing much-needed revenue and traffic to new Web Spaces"
Hall Read
Web Designer
"Grab Free Bitcoin has really helped make a few extra bucks for doing almost nothing, it fits our lifestyle, it never goes wrong and always makes daily money... you really can't ask better than that !"
Quintin & Angus
Music Producers
Thank you all for your kind words, we will continue to improve and bring you bigger and better services!
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