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Our faucet section is back!

We proudly present to you a number of faucets now, from direct payments to FaucetHub Micro-wallet Payments, we will always ensure that you have all the tools to claim and we will always help you out in the even of a problem, but we tested out faucet program on over 15,000 users over 3 months and gave away
0.31113957 BTC

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Pick the type of faucet you would like to claim from one of the boxes, if you need to signup with somewhere  (like FaucetHub) we will provide you all the links to get you started

Faucet Being Added

We are building the coding for a Bytecoin faucet Stand By

Faucet Being Added

Bytecoin Faucet Info and Enter Button
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We are building the coding for a dogecoin faucet Stand By

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FaucetHub linked faucet
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