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Fully Hosted Masternodes

No Time? No Equipment?
Grab Free Masternodes can be fully maintained by us - Just take the profits and Grab a Free Masternode!

Full Masternodes

Grab Free Bitcoin can supply you everything needed to just run your new node
"out the box"
Instant passive income with ZERO fuss!
Grab Free VPS Services

We provide some of the best dedicated crypto VPS systems money can buy, We don’t just sell you a full Linux root access VPS or Windows 10 / Server 16 &12 – We mine the spare resources without ever impacting the performance and PAY YOU for owning it!

The longer you own it the more it simply pays for itself, grabbing you a free VPS!

We do all the hard work!

Simply buy the package and download the files provided (if you want a home wallet) and provide us with an address to pay the rewards – That’s it!

So Simple and DAILY profits!

Do you want to own and mine from a computer that you don’t have to turn on in your own home?
Then Grab Free Bitcoin has the answer! Click the logo to find out how.

Grab Free Bitcoin Logo 

Ever wanted to run your own crypto based business?

 Well, we did once and now we have a global empire with worldwide servers and customers from 32 countries.
 We are so proud of what we did, we would like to share our story and the tools needed to build your own little slice of crypto heaven.  CLICK HERE