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Masternodes are computers that run a coin wallet and make decisions, such as locking transactions with InstantSend, coordinate mixing of coins, and voting on budget funding. Masternodes are required to have a set amount of collateral, a dedicated IP address, and be able to run 24 hours a day without a more than a 1 hr connection loss.

Masternodes get paid an  % amount of the block reward on every block, which is distributed to masternodes one at a time.

Depending on the package you purchase you get a number of things:

  • The required collateral¹
  • Downloadable Wallet for your computer
  • Unique Dedicated IP Address
  • Your MN’s Wallet.dat
  • Daily or Weekly payments in Coin or Fiat

Yes, If the network is calling for a vote you can have your say in the usual way via your wallet, if your on a GFB Rental then we send you an email asking what you would like to do, if you chose not to vote (“abstain”) or simply don’t reply we will automatically abstain on your behalf. 

No, but it will make your life easy, you do not have to run the wallet 24/7, just open it to see your masternode at work and move your rewards, we provide all the stats you need, and we can pay directly to your Grab Free Bitcoin Account, Bank Account, PC wallet or directly to an exchange.

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Galilel Coin – Full Masternode


Buy An Instant Hassle Free Passive Income!

Support the Gali Project and buy a FULL Masternode, own the coins in the masternode outright and spend or exchange them straight away if that’s your desire!
We will set up your masternode on one of our cloud servers with your own dedicated HDD space and Processing Power, take the hassle out of running a masternode and you just spend the reward from your wallet as they freshly mint.

100% Yours
100% all of the time


15000 Gali rental = ZERO! Server Rental = 6 MONTHS FREE Fees & Maintenance = ZERO!