1 Month Masternode Rental - Galilel Coin

Buy An Instant Hassle Free Passive Income!

Rent the Masternode TX and just get the rewards without having to buy the entire masternode and setup yourself
Our pricing structure

15000 Gali rental = £5.94 Server Rental = £2.75 Fees & Maintenance = 5p + 1 Daily Gali Reward


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Rent a full masternode for one month including all hosting costs, node maintenance, updates and 100% up-time GUARANTEED


The package includes:

  1. The full collateral amount 15,000 Galilel Coin
  2. The Masternode Deamon (installed)
  3. Fully Maintained Dedicated Server
  4. Dedicated IPv4 address rental included
  5. Daily Payout of Masternode Rewards
Seated on the very best equipment on servers based worldwide to ensure the best for the blockchains coverage, Grab Free Bitcoin has an extensive network and we invite you to profit from it also


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